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Custom Hatchet Pendant

Brass Ogham Hatchet Pendant with Blue Paua Shell

Brass Ogham Hatchet Pendant with Blue Paua Shell
Back of Brass Ogham Hatchet Pendant with Blue Paua Shell

Custom Hatchet Pendant

This pendant has the Ogham letting for ICP cut through the blade of the hatchet. In the Ogham alphabet there is no "p" so that letter is phonetically approximated with a "b".

This pendant features three 4mm blue paua shell cabochons set in handmade silver bezels. Each bezel was cut and sized for the individual stones then soldered to the handle of the hatchet. After polishing the pendant each stone was set by hand.

The brass base for this pendant was hand cut (including the lettering) as well as filed and sanded by hand. The front has a high polish and the back has a brushed texture.

This pendant was a custom commission with some personal symbolism.

I can recreate this pendant without the three ball design at the bottom of the handle. Blue Paua Shell may not be available as there is a limited supply. I can make this design with other cabochon stones though. I can also make it in Sterling Silver or Copper. The pendant measures around 1.83" x .697".

Approximate price with Paua Shell 2/3/13 - Brass/Copper: $43 - Sterling Silver: $71
Please e-mail for current pricing and a custom invoice.

Last updated 2/15/13